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Helping people stuck in extreme poverty.
My profound thanks to so many around the world that are helping me to help people who can only dream of a better life.
Because of you, dreams are coming true! 
Erik the flutemaker

 We not only want to help with extreme needs, when feasible we also want to find a way to help them break the cycle of poverty. I want to think outside the box concerning this. For instance: The kids of Cascabel, who were rescued from a garbage dump, will go to a hardware store to buy roofing materials to rebuild a roof for a family in great poverty. But what I am saying is why shouldn't these young adults, now out of a life of misery, own the blessed hardware store that we buy roofing materials from! I believe God is about to meet them outside the box!

A Mercy Need in 2017 from Pastor Carlos concerning the Mercy Ministry:

“The mercy bags of food and house-hold supplies delivered to children with disabilities cost $20 each but due to a lack of funding the bags are delivered to one group in January, to another group in February, and then another in March, so all get food. Then we go back to the first group. If the Lord opens a big door, we could give all 243 children with disabilities their mercy bag once a month." Pastor Carlos

Flutemaker Ministries is looking for new partners to give on a recurring basis per month to make this happen. If you would like to help us bring food to 243 children with disabilities a month, please use the button below. And please mention. "Feeding a mercy child." Thank you for considering this!

Mercy Projects

Touch the world with practical love!

(one time donation)



Touch the world with practical love!

(monthly donation)


Next Family to be adopted:

Family # 10 Misael Esnayder is 14. He is autistic, blind, suffers from epilepsy, convulsions and mental challenges. His mother is Ninosca she has a 16 year old and a 12 year old too. The father of this house fled when the children were small. Ninosca washes and irons clothing to survive but that can be about $30 a month.

Needs in this home:

Block Kitchen area $400

Latrine: $400

Bed #1: $115 DONE!

Bed #2: $115 DONE!

Table and chairs: $53 DONE!

Roof repairs and doors $2,000 DONE!

Total $3,083

To break this family out of poverty we are thinking of buying Ninosca a sewing machine and as she is a full time care giver she can sew at home. A mechanical foot pedal machine is only $180 and she will be taught how to make bags for the US market that we are connecting to. Sewing Machine $180 DONE!


Mercy Projects

Touch the world with practical love!

(one time donation)



Touch the world with practical love!

(monthly donation)



Families helped by The Heart-Dwellers Mercy Fund in March and April 2017 by donations from around the world.

Family #9 Katerin in a home of extreme poverty

Katerin Liseth Maradiaga is 8 years old and was born with cerebral paralysis. Her full time care giver is her mother is Yaneth Rosario Gonsalez 38 and her father is Humberto Maradiaga who works in the country side for $4.50 a day when he can find work.

April 11: Medicine for Katerin: $200 for convulsions Done!

Bed #1: $115 Done!

Bed # 2: $115 Done!

Latrine: $400 Done

Diapers $30 Done!

Milk $100 Done!

April $13: Table and chairs: $53 Done!

April 13th: Roof with transportation of roof materials: $1,500 Done!

April 14th: Transportation of workers $100 Done!

April 16th: Floor $300 and $100 to help feed volunteer workers

April 18th: Food for volunteer workers: $200

TOTAL...$3,213 This project is now complete! THANK YOU!!!!

Family #8 Eduar's House

Eduar Antonio Sandres was born without fingers. Embarrassed by this, the one year old was taken to the Honduran Boarder to be sold. But the boy was rescued and came to live with his aunt Carmen Sandres, who does domestic work. Eduar is now 12 years old with problems in his spine and feet. He is in the 6th grade and writes with his mouth. Eduar’s aunt is 50 years old and his uncle William is 55 and works as a chauffeur when he can find work.

Needs: There is no latrine, no place to take a bath, their adobe house is split in 4 places and falling apart. The walls and roof are in bad shape with bad support. Let's make a great little place for a great guy!

April 8th: Eduard’s house is funded!

Needs Met! Transporting building materials to construction site, 32 roof beams, 3 doors,4 Windows, transporting workers to build site, meals for volunteer workers at work site, bathroom, 1000 lbs of metal rebar,1,200 cement cylinder blocks,15 meters of sand,150 bags of cement, metal wire ties, 40 Metal sheets of corrugate zinc for the roof, paint the house.

Thank you all for funding a real home for Eduar and his aunt and uncle who took him in.


Family #7 Sara & Danny Funded!!!!

Danny Quiroz is 8 years old and was born with a cerebral lesion. Danny does not walk or talk. His mother Sara is 30 and at times she will cook and clean at the farm. Things are tough for Sara because her husband died in an accident when Danny was a year old. Sara lives in the very small crowded house of her mother with 3 brothers. A plot of land was gifted to Sara to build a home and she was able to acquire some building materials.

We have now finished the funding for Sara's house! Thank you all for your amazing gift of life! You funded: Two doors and 2 windows, floor, latrine, paint, table and chairs, and electricity.


Family #6 Julia and Nelson: A family in Extreme Poverty All needs in this Family are now met! Hallelujah!!!!


Julia holds her grandson Nelson whom she is caring for.  Erik thanks her for all she does, telling her she is precious and saying, "Thank you, dear mother".

The Story: Soon after Nelson Daniel Lopez was born with Cerebral Paralysis his father abandoned him and his mother Rosario, plunging her into such a deep depression that today, 8 years later, she still cannot not care for herself or her son. Rosario’s mother Julia Lopez Melgara now 78, living in extreme poverty is caring for both of them.

Funded!!!! Medicine, milk, clothing, latrine, 2 beds, monthly food & household supplies to this family, table and chair set, roof, walls, door, water and electricity.


Family # 5 The Garcia Family DONE! Thank you Heart Dwellers!
Jose Bismar, 10 years old, was born without fingers. His eyes have problems and Bismar does not speak. His Mother is Maxima Garcia 45 years old and his father is Jose Antonio Garcia 53 years old who works in the country for $5.00 a day. This family lives in extreme poverty.

Needs Met! 2 beds, latrine, table and chairs, medicine, clothing and a roof.

Part Two: To break the cycle of poverty in this home: Haven't figured this one out yet.


Family #4 Mercy Part.... DONE!  Thank you Heart Dwellers!

NELSON ARTICA is in a home of extreme poverty.

Nelson has Microcephaly (his head never grew to a correct size) . He had a cerebral lesion from birth with convolutions from fever. Nelson cannot speak, is of small stature and cannot walk. His mother is Emilia Ártica. 55 years old and his father is Nelson Ártica, 53 years old who is a guard at a school in Tapiche, Jalapa making only $25 a month, paid by the parents of the school children. Due to a fracture in his right foot things have been extra rough. There are also 3 brothers, 16, 14 and 12.

Needs Met!
Nelson's medicine, vitamins, calcium, milk, clothing for the family, tables and chair set, 3 beds, latrine and a roof.

Part Two: To break the cycle of poverty in this home: Haven't figured this one out yet.


 Family 3 Mercy Part.... DONE!  Thank you Heart Dwellers!
Home where 6 orphans live with their aunt. Finish Kitchen, cement the adobe walls giving the house many more years, tile the floor and paint. 


Family # 2 The Mercy Part.... DONE!

Elmer Sandoval is 20 years old and suffers from chronic pneumonia. His brother Eddyn Antonio is 9 and has a cleft pallet. Jessica his sister is 12 and goes to school. Their mother is Marta Isabel Sandoval, 39. Her husband died 2 years ago. Marta works washing and ironing cloths that are brought to her sporadically. Their house is partially made of plastic.
Provision came in for medicine, clothing, school supplies, 2 beds, a latrine and a roof. THANK YOU!!! Please pray that Eddyn can get his lip fixed with some visiting mission team and that his mom can own a better business. 

Part Two: To break the cycle of poverty in this home: We are talking about this. Presently Marta could use another iron and an ironing board.

Call to Action a donation of $30 for an iron and ironing board for Marta Sandoval.


#1 The Romero Family the Mercy Part is DONE!

Flor Maria 16 very autistic she will only eat rice and at times runs into the street with out clothing.  Her father is 75 and can't work. Her mother is in her 60's a is For's full time caregiver. Provision came in for a safety fence on the property to protect Flor Also provided were 3 beds, a latrine, a table and chairs, kitchen utensils, clothing, shoes, blankets, and a new roof.

Part Two: Modesto and luis are the keys to break this family out of poverty.

There are 2 brothers in this home who are the key to end poverty here if they got a break. Both the 25 year old and his brother 42 only make $2.50 a day working in the country. Modesto, the older brother has a knack to fix the electronics of the people around him but hardly has any tools. I would like to buy the older brother Modesto tools for his humble electronics business.

Modesto: A $200 investment in Modesto would provide him with a tool set. DONE!

Still needing help here!  Luis, 25 years old, I would like to find some sponsors to hire him to help our ministry build latrines, put on mercy roofs, work on the farm, put in solar bottle light in homes.  I need help to hire him 5 days a week. This will help our ministry and help the Romero family get out of poverty. In 2 years the farm should be able to afford him.

UPDATE: April 13, a first offering for $350 came in to hire Luis came in. Looks like he will begin to help our ministry build mercy latrines. A donation to keep him employed is much appreciated. 

Call to Action: Send a donation and in the memo write:  Sponsoring Luis Romero to work for your ministry.

Mercy Projects

Touch the world with practical love!

(one time donation)



Touch the world with practical love!

(monthly donation)



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