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Flutemaker Ministries - Not just one flutemaker helping out...

It was always in my heart that Flutemaker Ministries would include other flutemakers too. 
When we started in 2007 the first donation was from 2 flutemakers. Then Keith Stanford of Cherrycow Flutes with 7other flutemakers made the famous Nine Feathers Flute community project which bought our children’s home a fridge, an oven and finished their bridge.
 I want to thank all the flutemakers that have helped touch lives in Nicaragua. Thank you Ryan Stauffer for your present monthly support! Thank you Bryan Reed of the Flute Shop in Amsterdam who buys our cascabel flutes to help our work and share them with his European buyers! Thanks to Michael Fuger of Seven Winds Flutes for the 7 incredible flutes sent and sold to help and for his present help to better our Native style flutes. Thanks to Missionary to Haiti Danny Jordan who is also helping to bring great Native style flutes to help support us. Thanks to Florida flutemaker Jim Brock who  turned me onto a great place to harvest that made many Cascabel Flutes to help our work and shared secrets of the trade with me. Thanks to Greg Carpenter who bought bamboo that make flutes that helped us. And thanks to Jeff in Maine a flute collector who has donated flutes to raise funding for Flutemaker Ministries. Because of you all, many disabled children who were hopeless and stuck in darkness were fed, housed and brought sunshine and hope into their world. Thank you all! Erik the flutemaker


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