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Erik the flutemaker Inc. takes on 44 new kids with disabilities

Since Jan 2017 we decided to help more kids with special needs, bringing them bags of food and household supplies. They live in poor homes where many of the fathers have fled and hunger moved in. Thank you customers for helping us do this!

The hero in this story is Carlos Baez. Carlos was born into extreme poverty. During the Sandinista war with the Contras he was a child artillery officer. Wounded in the war, he became a military policeman, then a policeman, then an inspector. Then he felt called to become a pastor and followed it. Today he is the executive director of A Heart To Love Foundation helping the poor in northern Nicaragua.

Next to the Honduran border is the town of Teote where Carlos told me that he met many families in need who were asking to get on our mercy program feeding 199 children with disabilities. He told the families we did not have the financial support to bring them in. They kept asking him and when Carlos told me, I asked my heavenly Father where that support was? And began to look to flute products we could provide and get this going.

In April, my wife Linda and I went to Nicaragua to meet the new folks and see the work and let them know they were on our hearts.


One of the challenges we have is the funding for the 243 homes once a month. 

So presently one group is served one month, then another group is served the next month and then another group. Then finally, 3 months later the first group is served again. But that is way too late for their need. This is why we appreciate a $20 donation reoccurring every month. I want to help all 243 every month. And I even try to find ways to help the most hurting families break out of poverty.

Some of the families had such rendering stories we had to find help. This family had 2 children with disabilities, no father, no beds, no money, hardly any clothing and hungry. We built them a home and placed a micro business there. It was wonderful to meet them and see the house for the first time. The extremely cool thing about this construction was many who freely helped to build it were kids that had been rescued from a garbage dump back in 2006 by Pastor Carlos. I love to partner with Carlos because he is a man of action. He just needs support. And I love when you partner with me so I can continue to help.

I sit with William, one of our staff members at our children's home on boxes of food ready to go out to 49 feeding centers and the mercy kids. We are sitting infront of bags of beans and corn from their farm to help feed the children's home and the mercy kids.

The farm has been a place of blessing, teaching the kids from the garbage dump how to grow food, how to sell it and how to give some of it away too.

Visitors come to the farm and children's home to visit. Here is Ron Nelson a flight attendant with Delta. Ron and his wife have the mercy kids in their hearts. They are engaged with fair trade and love the kids of Cascabel. With him are Jema and Andrea who were at the garbage dump and Yamilet whose mother died when her intestine twisted.

There are times when physical therapists will come to the farm to help the mercy kids as our Nicaraguan friends teach their mother a micro business.

Mercy moms now make bags and Deybin from the garbage dump is now a designer of bags.

Rolando was at the dump and now a cook at the farm as well as a farm hand learning organic farming.


Eduar was born without fingers and was about to be sold when he was rescued and came to live with an aunt.

We just helped them, as their home was about to fall down.

Erik the flutemaker and the Kids of Cascabel.

Have flutes will travel.


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