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Bamboo Trivia

There was a river cane in Spain called Caña Veral. When an old Spanish ship passed Cape Canaveral the captain saw Florida Sawgrass which looked like it. So he called the place Cabo Caña Veral which was later translated into English as Cape Canaveral.

This cane came to the new world where the Spanish settled to make baskets, roofs, fences and feed their live stock. My first flute was made of it in Mexico. My first flute sold was of it in Guatemala in 1970. I have seen it in Berkeley California, Florida, Bolivia and Argentina. Rico sax reeds are made from this cane. Wich is also called Arundo Donax.

One the greatest bamboo advocates in the USA was the Department of Agriculture that sent agricultural explorers to find and send thousands of plants from Japan and China into collection spots in California in the early 1900's. Eventually settling in California, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana.

Bamboo is the largest of the grasses, there are between 1250 and 1600 species of bamboo, 64 percent of which are native to Southeast Asia . Thirty-three percent grows in Latin America, and the rest in Africa and Oceania . In North America there are only three native species of bamboo as opposed to the 440 species native to Latin America. There was no bamboo in Europe. In the 1800's bamboo gardens were started in England, Southern France, Italy and Algeria.

Erik the flutemaker's Bamboo Plantation in Davie, Florida.

One species of bamboo in Japan has been known to grow over four feet in 24 hours.

The Guadua species from Brazil can produce 60,000 bamboo poles per 2 1/2 acres.

India is one of the richest countries in bamboo population with about 136 species.

In South America there is a bamboo in a rainforest mountain base where the knots are 10 feet apart with only 2 knots in the pole. On top of that mountain there is a tiny bamboo perhaps 5 inches high.

There are at least 1500 recorded uses of bamboo.One fourth of the world’s population relies on bamboo for many of the objects used in daily life.

Over 600 million people around the world generate income from bamboo.Hundreds of millions of people in the world live in bamboo houses.

Bamboo pumps oxygen into the air faster than trees.

A grove at Hiroshima in 1945 at ground zero survived the atomic blast and, within days, sent up new shoots.

The Chinese have used the hollow stems of bamboo to make flutes since before the Stone Age. The Australian aboriginals use them to make droning pipes called didgeridoos.

Bamboo has long been used to make paper. The Bamboo Annals, written on bamboo, are the oldest written Chinese records, dating from the 8th century BC.

Alexander Graham Bell used a sharpened bamboo sliver as his first phonograph needle. These were patented on November 12, 1907 by Fred D. Hall of the B & H Fibre Company in Chicago . You could buy 1000 needles for $4.

In 1880 Edison used carbonized bamboo to light his light bulb after perhaps 1000 failed experiments

Bamboo grows most from 10 am to 3 pm during the day. The growth length is higher in humid air than in dry air, and at high temperature than at low temperature.Most of the plants of a species flower at about the same time around the world. This blossoming occurs at 10-145 year cycles, depending on the species. After the flowering occurs most bamboos die off and the seed is only viable for six months

"If you give a man a fish, he will have a single meal. If you teach him how to fish, he will eat all his life" But if you give a man a bamboo plant he can make fishing rods, fish traps, utensils and a house to lay his head after a fine fish dinner.


This might be one of the widest bamboos

This could be the largest bamboo in the world found in China.


Posted by DJoy on September 30, 2014

Thank you,
The more i learn about Bamboo the more it amazes me the diversity of it’s uses ~ Bamboo is truly a special gift from God to the people of the earth!
Blessings brother and really glad I stumbled across your website!

Deanna Joy (in China)

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