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Why I do what I do

By Erik the Flutemaker

When I was a kid my dad struggled with alcohol and I saw what that was doing to families around the world.
Aside from a lot of heart-ache, my mother was left alone and our family lost everything. For a time they were homeless and the family broke apart.
As a child others helped to pay for my education.

I left home having just turned 17 and was on the road.

By 18, I was traveling through Mexico and Guatemala making flutes.

When I was 19, I sold flutes on the streets of Guatemala City, broken hearted and very sick and a family took me in and nursed me back to health. Back on my feet, I flew to Argentina traveled the country and hitch-hiked through Brazil and became very comfortable with the people and the languages.

                     Selling in Buenos Aires, Argentina 1971

Later at 22, underneath an avocado tree in Hawaii, I had an encounter with the Creator and began to see more as He sees.
As I retuned to Latin America, I saw much need; but this time I found ways to help.

For example: I met children in Nicaragua being rescued from a garbage dump who needed a place to live.

                             The home for children in Nicaragua
At that time, I had found bird whistles in a ceramic town in the mountains of Colombia and for $100, I bought 1000 bird whistles.
I made $5 necklaces out of them and one day sold 350 at a school to help those kids in Nicaragua have a home.
From that one sale, I was able to raise $1,500, and buy 1.7 acres, pay the town’s taxes and pay the lawyer.
The cost of those bird whistles was only $35. I was so encouraged that I was able to find ways to help, that I did not stop.
It became a great joy to touch lives using the gifts that the Creator had blessed me with.


That is why you will find an opportunity to support what we do!


Mercy Projects

Touch the world with practical love!

(one time donation)



Touch the world with practical love!

(monthly donation)

At times we create special flute projects dedicated to raising funding for a special need.

With the help of recent donations in 2017, we are finishing the funding of an 8th home for a family stuck in extreme poverty with a child with disabilities in Nicaragua.

We continue to support our children’s home with 22 kids, move food to 52 feeding centers, bring food and supplies to 243 children with disabilities (The Mercy Kids), many left abandoned by their fathers. My customers and 2 churches helped to provide over 100 beds for The Mercy Kids we were feeding.

Since 2012 we have helped to build and support a farm growing food for the children's home, The Mercy Kids and to sell.

When we see darkness in the world today, we can run from it, complain about it, or we can turn on the light to change it.

I celebrate all of my world-wide flute customers who have helped us to do this.

From Iceland to New Zealand, from Germany, Japan to the United Kingdom, to Mexico, Australia, Brazil, France, Belgium and all over the USA. From Northern Canada to Toronto, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, China and Croatia, Slovenia, India, Greece and Russia to Israel, South Africa, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Bahrain my customers have supported the idea of being a blessing to someone in need.

Thanks to all my wonderful customers around the world, who have helped me to turn on the light, give hope, feed the hungry, clothe the needy and support education.

Someone was there for me when I was a kid. It is really wonderful to be there for the next kid waiting on line, on the roads of love.

God bless you all!  
Erik the flutemaker


Posted by Olivia on June 01, 2016

In the mid 90s I organized a tour of Erik’s flute shop for a group of home schoolers. So many home school moms called me that several trips ended up happening so all the kids could see what this amazing flutist would say and do. My kids are grown now, but this visit to Erik’s studio rates the best home school field trip ever! Erik shares the gospel via melodious song! Erik, may your flute kingdom continue with blessings from the Lord above and in the hope that one day my grand kids can visit.

Posted by Santini L. on February 23, 2016

This article of your life is such a pleasure to read. The good book talks about you will know them by their fruits. Not to mention using your God talents wisely. It’s nice to see you recognized the talents God has given your hands to build quality flutes for people to enjoy for a variety of reasons. One is truly blessed who considers the poor. Well done Erik.
God Bless You!

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