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Douglas the architect and Bradford his son and I, were just about to land in Managua when our plane was suddenly thrown to the ground with wind shear, I could feel the front tires get all out of shape with the tremendous hit as the paper towel display in the bathroom jolted open.

The captain immediately took off again. That was a first for me, as well as the stewardess starring with wide eyes, near me. We had no idea if we were all doomed for a few moments. After going around for 10 minutes, the captain told us it was wind shear and then we landed safe. Ha! I am surprised Spirit Airlines did not charge us for landing twice.

DAY 2 Our 40 foot container with food arrived at the port and we heard that 30 new mothers with special needs children wanted to register to get food, so we drove to Rancho Grande and met with a pastor who was organizing it.

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