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The Cocobolo Vivaldi Minor

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The Vivaldi Minor is one of my favorite flutes. It is amazing. This flute takes me to another place. 

It has a classical anointing that seems to drop you into the Renaissance period. It is wonderful for improvisation.

Now available in beautiful exotic Cocobolo, a collectible hard wood from the Pacific rim area between Mexico and Nicaragua.

Tip: By going up and down the scale your ear will get tuned to the melodic minor scale.
All fingers closed but the top hole open is the high do. Finding a nice place of acoustics to play in, will further enrich this gorgeous flute.

Plays nicely in 2 octaves and is approximately 16 1/2 inches long in the key of G# Minor.

The Cocobolo Vivaldi Minor comes with a protective flutebag.

The Vivaldi Minor Flute is a tribute to classical musician Antonio Vivaldi from Venice Italy who was a virtuoso on the violin playing all around Europe and impressing royalty and the Pope with his gift of music. Of Vivaldi a German architect said, "Vivaldi played a solo accompaniment excellently, and at the conclusion he added a free fantasy which absolutely astounded me, for it is hardly possible that anyone has ever played, or ever will play, in such a fashion." 

 In 1704 at 25, Vivaldi became a priest, but being weak in the lungs he was unable to speak from a pulpit and served in the early 1700's teaching music to orphaned and abandoned girls and toured with them throughout Europe. Due to his bright red hair he was called the Red Priest.

 Years later due to the death of his biggest fan, the emperor of France, Charles the 6th who had sent for Vivaldi to come, but was not around to support him, and due to much musical competition and no benefactor, Vivaldi died a year later broke. There was not even any music played at his humble burial. His music was silent for the next 200 years. But his music was rediscovered at the beginning of the 1900's and after World War Two, his music soothed a hurt world being rebuilt in heart and soul. Today Vivaldi is honored as one of the treasured classical Baroque composers of the world.


What you are saying...

Hello Erik. I just got the Cocobolo Vivaldi Minor, C and D Pennywhistles and what can I say? I don't want you to get a big head of course but you make flutes the way they were meant to be made. I am sure that if Fluteland existed then all the little flutes living there would have a picture of Erik the flutemaker hanging in their living rooms. Thank you, Erik
A warm hug, Marta in Spain. June 15,2016

I got my Calypso Flute and Cocobolo Vivaldi Minor flutes and I'm so happy!!!!!!! Like fine furniture - You are very talented artist - They are like having births, new living and personal. Each one a Friend! - Thanks Erik!
Jeff From Yakima, Washington April 1,2016

I received the (3 Cocobolo Vivaldi Minor) flutes today. Thank you they are beautiful, and are easier to play than I first thought. I will be introducing them to my students soon. Beautiful instruments, I couldn't have made such quality flutes.
Dennis Gaffney in Bugayong, Philippines March 9th, 2016

Greetings from Italy
I want to thank you very much for the fast shipping and, of course, for the beautiful flutes. I bought The low d Irish (cocobolo), The Vivaldi Minor (cocobolo) and The Oriental (bamboo) flute and I find that they have a beautiful, warm sound, really lovely and enchanting.
Thank you very much again.
Maurizio Marota in Grottammare, Italy, November 11, 2015

Dear Erik,
I barely touched my oboe and my saxophone since I laid my hands on the Cocobolo Vivaldi Minor you made. She is such a wonderful instrument! Thank you very much!
Best wishes Michael in Kusnacht, Switzerland March 16th 2015
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The Cocobolo Vivaldi Minor
The Cocobolo Vivaldi Minor
The Cocobolo Vivaldi Minor
The Cocobolo Vivaldi Minor
The Cocobolo Vivaldi Minor
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