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Meditation Flute

4 Natural left and many Dark left as of Oct. 15th, 2016.

The  22 1/2 inch Meditation Flute is tranquil and creative with an exotic scale.

Some of these flutes are finished in natural bamboo, fire treated with bees wax with a binding and capped with exotic Cocobolo wood and others are finished all dark.

The Story: This intriguing flute was born in 1975 in the kitchen of my mother in law.

I had to stop making flutes there because she said her curtains were turning yellow.

Just at the very moment I was about to open 2 small holes on this new creation, I stopped to see what it sounded like. I was amazed!

The music was so beautiful and the flute immediately took me somewhere to an exotic tranquil place.

 A few times throughout my flute career I would make the Meditation Flute available. 

I have again brought it back for a season as I have located some good pieces of bamboo for this flute.

Tips: It is a soft and quiet flute played mostly on the upper 5 holes. The top 5 holes covered, is the root note. A good place to start its exotic scale. The last hole towards the bottom of the flute is sort of the "Da-Daaa" at the end of a concert. Ending your songs with 5 holes down. Watch the video here for more clarity.

 The Meditation Flute comes with a protective flute bag to keep safe. And is bound for protection.


What you are saying...

I just received the meditation flute. It is so beautiful! Feels so smooth in my hand and has a wonderful tone. I can't wait to play it in a big, reverberating room. I don't often name my instruments. But I've chosen to name this flute "presence". Thank you so much and merry Christmas!
Joe in Bangor Maine, USA Dec. 9h 2016

I wanted to thank you for such beautiful craftsmanship, the sound of the Egyptian and Meditation Flute is beautiful and it will be a great aid… I am grateful for the wonderful surprise of the cases to protect them and the additional paperwork provided on how to play and to know about some of your journey.
Thanks again, David Jones in New South Wales, Australia December 5, 2016

Hi Erik,
I just wanted you to know that my meditation flute came in safe and sound some weeks ago.
The flute came in very fast, within week! Big thanks for that. The mediation flute is soothing... the smokiness of the burned finish is wonderful! I get that "ahh!" feeling as the smell associates to the flute. Nice touch! Thanks for the great service and flute!
Antti Lehtola in Finland Oct. 15th, 2016

Hi, Erik
I was playing the Meditation flute. I have to give you all my congratulations. The Meditation flute is something impossible to be expressed by words. It is necessary to listen to it 'live' or, better, to play it. Outstanding!
Dr. Francesco Perono Cacciafoco, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Oct. 6th, 2016
Dear Erik,
I just received my meditation flute. It is so nice. I also didn't expect it to come with the cocobolo wood end, and the case of beautiful brocade fabric. I can't say enough. The bees wax finish shows such care. It plays so nice. It really sets a mood...
Thank you, John S. in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania July 15th, 2016

Hi Erik!
Today I received the Kiowa, the Medium Arabian and the Meditation flute.
As always, they are WONDERFUL!! The Kiowa has a warm marvelous sound and extraordinary artwork! No words for the deep meditation flute, so enchanting! The Arabian is so creative and exotic.
Now I have 5 of your flutes, and addicted! The Travel Flute Bag is beautiful, cool, very comfortable, large and able to contain all my flutes. A great item for a musical journey! Thanks!
Happy Christmas holidays to you and your family! See you in Fluture...! ; )
A big hug from Francesco in Taurasi, Italy Dec 15, 2015

Hi Erik
I just can’t seem to put them down, The KungFu and Meditation Flutes have such an amazing sound. When I start playing it’s like I’m in ancient times of the samurai… I’ve never played the flute before, until I got them from you, It only took about an hour to teach myself how to play, It seems I was meant to play, I’ve done some recording and when I play it back it sounds like I’ve been playing for years.
I can’t thank you enough for how much these flutes are changing my life. I wouldn’t buy a flute from anyone else, you certainly are the world’s best Flute Smith. Looking forward to buying more flutes and a sax.
Thanks again Erik and Happy Holidays
Travis in Wisconsin Dec. 5,2015

Erik, I just received my Meditation Flute it's beautiful! I will definitely be ordering more! That was the fastest I've ever received anything from the U.S.! Thank you so much, I am humbled deeply by your craftsmanship.
Jasmyn in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Jan. 27, 2015
Meditation Flute
Meditation Flute
Meditation Flute
Meditation Flute
Meditation Flute
Meditation Flute
Meditation Flute

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