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Special Flutes & Saxes

Special Flutes & Saxes

At Erik the Flutemaker we not only want to spread good music & good cheer around the world with our instruments, we really want to make a difference in the lives of people stuck in situations who can only dream of a better life.

In 2016, through Flutemaker Ministries, our amazing customers, family and friends have been able to: Provide for our children's home, feed 5,000 children at 53 feeding centers, bring food and household supplies to 199 children with disabilities, build three houses for three impoverished families with children with disabilities and provide funds to fix our Mountain Feeder Isuzu which helps to bring food to our feeding centers.

You were also able to raise funds so doctors can remove a growth from a little girl’s face and help a 32 year old mom remove a huge tumor. You have helped create a guava planting at the farm with 1,200 trees, that is run by kids who were rescued from a garbage dump and you helped put hot water on the farm. And deep into the Miskito Coast, you helped build latrines where none existed and bring down fresh mountain water for a village where the people had been sick due to drinking the river water. 

I am amazed at all that you were able to do in 11 months. Thank you!

 The instruments below are made and are ready to ship.  The color of the flute bag can vary as different ones are made by our friends in Nicaragua.

If you fall in love with any of the offers below, please don't delay, they might only be available today!

 Please keep in mind that these offers are a fund raiser for our work in Nicaragua. Because they are a fund raiser, they will not be able to be returned.

Click on the picture or title to learn more.

The You Look Marvelous Flute Set

Because you look marvelous and I am motivated, I am donating 100% of the funds from each Flute Set to bring food and household supplies to 199 disabled children, most in extreme poverty. 80% of these families have been abandoned by the fathers; and the mothers are 24-7 moms that can not work outside the...

The Asian Flute Set

The Story: In 2006 I was on a mission trip in Nicaragua with my puppet Lulu and met an audience that changed my life; 18 kids rescued from a garbage dump. I was able to buy land and with the help of many, build them a home. Every 15 days I...

The Mid-Eastern Flute Set

5 Mid-Eastern sounding flutes and 1 Arabian Sax with a Travel Flute Bag This is another fundraiser to help children in poverty. 100% of the profit from the Arabian Set will go out to be a blessing. 1) Egyptian Flute: Side blown like blowing across a bottle. Inspired by the...

Deep Forest Flute

The Deep Forest Flute is a rich-melodic-meditative-fun-side blown flute that plays in 1 1/2 octaves. This is a flute with an easy-to-play harmonic scale made from my larger Bamboo. Story: I am dedicating 100% of the income from the Deep Forest Flute to help raise funds to bring food and house hold supplies to 45 new...

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